Turkish culture: What you should know before investing?

Turkey is rich in culture and history with empires dating back to 4000 years. Over time, Turkey has witnessed a range of people and cultures lending this country culture full of unique traditions and customs.
Turkish culture is influenced by the Arabs, Greeks, Persians, Armenians, Georgians, and Kurds. In addition to its culture, Turkey has a strategic location and is a natural bridge between Europe and Asia. Both these continents influence its eclectic culture. As per statistics, Turkey has access to over 955 million consumers via Custom Union and FTAs and Istanbul is where most of the investments have been made.
In this post, we have shared details about Turkish culture you should know before investing.

1. Core values

Like any other country, Turkey promotes core values such as equality, justice, honesty, and more. However, these values are dependent on one’s conscience, and not every person may follow these core values.


Hospitality holds a distinguished place in Turkish culture. In rural areas, the host will share their last slice of bread with a stranger. Turks love to offer food and drinks to friends, neighbours, acquaintances, and even strangers. In general, Turks are caring people who love to help people in need.
When disaster strikes nearby countries, Turkish people start donating money and sending essentials and equipment without any hesitation.

Languages and Religions

While 87% of the population speak Turkish, English is the most common foreign language spoken in Turkey. In addition, French and German are understood in tourist areas and resorts.
A vast majority of Turks belong to the Sunni sect However, there are people from other communities also such as Alevis, Christianity and even Jews.

Sports and leisure

Turkey is a great place for all sports lovers as its terrain and climate make it a beautiful location. Additionally, Turkey has a coastline of over 800 km which means you can enjoy a host of watersports including fishing, sailing, scuba diving, and jet skiing.
Turkey boasts of several mountains making it a great choice for people to enjoy snow sports. The hilly areas of Turkey provide opportunities for cycling, walking, and rock climbing. Put simply, you can enjoy different sports activities in Turkey.
Now that you know the culture if you are planning to invest in Turkish properties, here’s what you need to keep in mind. While most foreigners are allowed to buy properties in Turkey, we recommend you first check with your consulate. Once you set your mind on a specific property in Turkey, you should contact a local real estate agent.
You can inspect a potential property in Turkey yourself but it will be a time consuming process. A real- estate agency in Turkey will have the knowledge of the area and help you find a property according to your needs faster. Also, they will be in a better position to negotiate the terms owing to their proficiency in language and expertise in the field of real-estate.
The Government of Turkey encourages all foreign investments and also offers incentive-based categories of assets needed by professional investors. Additionally, the government has designed several investments for the 2021-23 FDI investment strategy. The strategy is based on the analysis of investors’ latest expectations and requirements.
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