Top 6 reasons to invest in Turkey

Turkey is becoming one of the most preferred countries to invest in properties. So, if you are looking to invest in Turkish properties, we share the top six pointers to justify your decision.

1. Strong entrepreneurial community

Turkey has a great community of startup co-founders and founders providing you with numerous opportunities for partnerships and networking. Startups of different industries can participate in various conferences, events, co-working spaces, accelerator programs, and hackathons based on entrepreneurship.
These newly digitized programs and events enable entrepreneurs across the nation to learn from each other to create something new and work together.

2. Economic achievements

The booming economy of Turkey is yet another reason why people are investing in Turkish properties. Today, it stands at 11th place globally in terms of the growing economy.
In 2021, Turkey’s economy bounced back strongly post the COVID-19 pandemic to expand by 11.4%. Additionally, Institutional economics has grown in the last 10 years and foreign direct investment has crossed 150 billion US dollars.

3. Infrastructure

In the last few years, Turkey has developed its infrastructure to a great extent. Today, the country boasts of the highly developed technological infrastructure of transport, telecommunication, and energy. It has a well-developed and inexpensive system of maritime transport. That said, Turkey has highly-organized transport routes connecting to most EU countries.

4. Strategic location

Turkey is a bridge between Asia and Europe and thus has a mixed influence of both the cultures. Its strategic location provides people with direct and economical access to significant markets. It is of the largest countries in the region in terms of territory and population. Also, its land area is greater than any other European state.
Statistics reveal Turkey has access to 955 million consumers through FTAs and Custom Union.
Istanbul is the most populated city in Turkey followed by Ankara, Izmir, Bursa, and Antalya. These cities are also preferred over others when investing in properties in Turkey. According to statistics, Istanbul is the 7th city in Europe where most investments are made. That said, you can consider investing in either residential or commercial properties in Turkey.

5. Incentives for foreign investment

The Government of Turkey offers incentives to various categories of assets for foreign investors. Turkey’s Investment Office defines seven profiles that all investors will come across. They are;

6. Qualified and skilled workforce

Turkey’s young and skilled population is a valuable asset to the country. Most investors face challenges in other European countries due to the aging population and shrinkage. However, Turkey comprises a young and dynamic population which is the driving force behind a robust labor pool and domestic market.
Based on Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data, the population of Turkey stands at 86,539,760. It is equivalent to 1.08% of the world’s total population. Also, foreigners residing in Turkey have increased and reached over 1.7 million.

How to invest in Turkey?

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