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Looking to Invest in Real Estate Property in Turkey or Abroad?

At Suga Property & Investment & Co., we simplify the buying and selling process. We have a streamlined process so you focus on the best part – finding a dream property. Based in Turkey, we help you find the best real estate in Turkey and other places such as Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Iran and TRNC. Using our network, we stay well informed of all the latest trends in the real-estate sector and what’s coming to the market, and what’s selling.

Real Estate Investment in Turkey

If you are looking to invest in properties in Turkey, Suga is your trusted partner! In addition to high-quality consulting services, we also provide after-sales support to all our clients. In the last few years, we have helped several clients to buy or sell residential as well as commercial properties in Turkey. We use the latest real estate marketing methods to ensure you get the best investment opportunities and highest profits. Looking to invest in real estate in Turkey? Scroll through our large portfolio, choose the one that suits your needs, and get in touch with us. Additionally, we can help you find a strategic commercial real estate property for your business or investment purpose within your budget.

Turkish Citizenship through Investment

Turkey is a popular choice for most people to invest in property. Also, the citizenship possibility has increased since the minimum investment amount has decreased in 2018. By investing in Turkish properties, you can apply for citizenship and avail several benefits. At Suga, we have local expertise in Turkey and offer our clients complete guidance and support throughout the process. Our company lawyers will guide you through the citizenship process and help you meet all the requirements in the minimum possible time.

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Premium Real Estate Consultancy

We offer sound and professional advice for Turkish properties as well properties abroad.

Legal Services

We help our clients get clear titled properties. Our team includes seasoned lawyers who have extensive experience in handling all aspects of real estate transactions.


With real estate experts, we help you make the right decision and get maximum value for your investment.

After-Sales Services

Our responsibilities extend beyond buying and selling properties in Turkey. We have a dedicated team to ensure you get all the support even after the successful investment deal.

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We are a solid team and have the expertise to help you get the right investment deal. Get in touch with us and let us know what you are looking for!

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